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Children at KLA Brickell are required to wear school uniform, except during Special Events and Casual Fridays. 

The KLA uniform is as follows: 

  • KLA polo shirt (color options: white, blue, green, orange and pink)
  • Navy blue/Khaki bottoms
  • Closed-toe shoes

Please make sure your baby, infant, toddler, or children are wearing clothing that is safe and appropriate for the weather. No sandals are permitted and children should always wear closed-toe shoes.

children working with clay wearing blue, pink and orange polo shirts

Buying Uniform

You may purchase the KLA polo shirts in our school by requesting and filling out a uniform order form and pay via the following payment methods: credit card or ACH through our portal, or personal check, cashier’s check, or money order if you chose to make the payment in person.

There are various colors to choose from for the kids. Choose your favorites and represent us the KLA Way!