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At KLA Brickell our facilities are modern, innovative and include state of the art furniture, specially designed to support early learners.

Our classrooms are spacious, organized, anetically beautiful. They are filled with an abundance of natural, recycled, and open-ended materials ready for the children to explore and manipulate because we view the environment as the third teacher, every space of the school is designed with intention and purpose.

The school is clean bright and offer the kids a great opportunity to learn, to think, to socialize… To be themselves. - Alejandro A, Parent

The whole school is beaming with life and the children’s traces are evident all around our building.

The Piazza is the heart of the school and an extension of the classrooms. This space is a meeting place, involving meaningful social encounters between children, teachers, and families.

KLA Brickell Piazza

Our Atelier, or art studio, is a space shared by everyone in the school. Our Atelierista works with every age group to create an environment where thoughts, theories, and ideas evolve into artistic expressions. The Atelierista has a vast knowledge on a variety of artistic languages such as paint, watercolor, clay, wire, graphic tools, and natural materials.

boy playing with natural materials in the Atelier

Our playgrounds are designed as open spaces that invite children to develop gross motor skills and encounter the natural world while creating relationships with their peers.

Children playing on an outdoor playground

Our classrooms contain rich environments that offer our students, in each program, various possibilities to make choices, to explore movement, and develop important cognitive, social and motor skills.

  • Baby Nido: designed with various large motor experiences for your child to challenge themselves physically and nurtures every baby’s curiosity.

  • Nido: supports the evolving interest of creating marks by offering a variety of tools and materials like markers, pastels, and chalk.

  • Two’s: offers various possibilities to make choices, explore movement, and learn important social skills as well as encounters to discover letters, numbers, and shapes.

  • Three’s: encourages the exchange of knowledge as they engage in conversations and discovering the power of representations to communicate.

  • Four’s: include spaces, materials, and tools that are used to put their theories to the test offering options to collaborate, experiment, and develop the skills they need as they transition into elementary school.

  • Kindergarten: filled with opportunities for children to investigate, ask questions and research.

Children working at a table with a teacher.

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Brand New Facility

KLA Schools of Brickell (Kindergarten and Elementary School) will be moving to a new, urban, campus located between Brickell and Coconut Grove. 

This new facility is currently under construction and will be opening by the end of 2020, for children from infants through to Fifth Grade.

digital image of KLA schools new building

This new facility will include:

  • Innovative and open spaces
  • A rooftop with a basketball court and a soccer field
  • Indoor gymnasiums
  • A theater
  • Laboratories
  • Art, music and movement ateliers
  • And much more!