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At KLA Brickell the Four's or pre-kindergarten program allows children to flourish in reading, writing and math, as well as continuing to develop their creative and curious natures.

At the age of four, your child is constructing their knowledge of the written language. They want to know what words in their environment say and are able to recognize many letters.

By the end of this year, many children understand that letters represent the sounds in spoken words and may associate some letters with their sounds.

Most children also write some legible letters and know that writing goes from left-to-right and top to bottom.

Four-year-olds frequently initiate conversations and are less likely to change the subject of conversation to only the areas of personal interest since they are more interested in collaborating and sharing.

As children explore and develop relationships, they build an understanding of what causes certain feelings and realize that others may react differently to the same situations.

As a result, children begin to further progress in more complex social interactions such as joining in organized group play.

Children are able to walk, climb, jump, hop, skip, march and gallop skillfully at this age. They have also improved their ability to throw, catch, kick and bounce balls.

Their fine motor skills have also improved, therefore supporting their ability to hold writing tools. As their hand-eye coordination develops, dressing and undressing are mastered.

When your child draws or paints, they begin to represent detailed aspects of their imagination as well as begin to incorporate letters and words to describe them. Our teachers encourage the children of the Four’s to represent their theories and ideas through a variety of materials.

As the children engage in different explorations where their interests are taken into account, the teachers facilitate learning through questions and providing appropriate tools and materials that will further their research.

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