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Our Kindergarten program at KLA Brickell provides children with the preparation for Elementary school and beyond.  

Children document their daily experiences in journals and create dictionaries to enhance and support their writing. They use their knowledge of letter sounds and the symbols they correspond with to write sentences and short stories as they communicate their memories, ideas, and learned information.

Their writing is constructed of both uppercase and lowercase letters while their verbal expressions begin to sound more sophisticated with the appropriate use of prepositions and interrogatives.

Children can negotiate with their peers and discuss options with both considerations for their own interest, as well as understanding others’ interests, thus becoming a thoughtful participant in group projects.

Children in Kindergarten are able to participate and create their own games in the classroom and on the playground. These games often further develop both their fine and gross motor skills.

Numbers and science are present in each child’s learning process. A carpenter’s corner filled with measuring tools supports mathematical concepts.

Some of the tools that support addition, subtraction and counting:

  • calendar
  • digital and analogue clocks
  • calculators
  • counting tools such as beads, rocks, and straws

At this age, your child becomes more engaged when planning, discussing and analyzing theories from different points of views as well as their own observations. They display an awareness of their thought processes and begin to understand the concept of making plans, executing them, and reflecting on results.

Throughout their year in Kindergarten, your child will find opportunities to hypothesize ideas, follow through with their theories, reflect and analyze their work, as well as share their findings.

Teachers prepare your child for elementary school and lessons become more advanced and structured than before. As there can be such varying levels of abilities at this age, teachers cater to different strengths and reading levels.

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