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The Nido program at KLA Brickell supports and encourages the learning and curiosity of young toddlers, aged 12-24 months. 

With many toddlers possessing at least 50 words by this age, at KLA Brickell educators observe your child’s development of their expressive language skills and create an environment that fosters conversations among children and adults.

Every day, empathy, pretend play, and social roles are experienced by children of this age. By supporting through different relationships and interactions with their peers, educators help your young toddler develop their own identity.

While our Nido's fine motor skills evolve, we provide an environment for them to develop and showcase these:

  • dig and pour in the sensory table
  • paint and scribble on an easel, paper or other material

Children have more control of their fine motor skills, and because of this, we provide our Nido's with materials such as clay, paint, graphic tools, sand, light, shadows and more.

The world is full of things to discover for the Nidos so at KLA Brickell we provide them with everything they need to:

  • move and dance to music
  • discover insects, leaves and flowers
  • begin collecting things they find in the playground

Our educators observe and analyze their interactions with the environment, materials, and each other.

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