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The Two's program at KLA Brickell provides a learning environment for two-year-old toddlers to thrive in their learning and independence. 

As your child becomes more vocal and starts putting sentences together, our teachers create opportunities for conversations to help broaden their comprehension and literacy skills.

The environment is designed so that children are exposed to:

  • their written name
  • establish daily routines
  • create peer relationships 
  • understand emotions
  • start to express their thoughts and ideas in simple sentences

Communication between the children allows them to begin understanding the dynamics of a classroom community.

Independence becomes a vital milestone for two-year-olds. Through various sensorial, fine motor, and gross motor experiences, teachers encourage children to become self-sufficient.

Children begin to show an increasing interest in drawings, as they are able to make lines, zigzags, scribbles, and shapes.

Their increasing language skills facilitate the children to begin giving meaning to the symbols they create.

Our educators provide the children with graphic tools such as:

  • markers
  • crayons
  • oil pastels
  • colored pencils
  • charcoal
  • and continue to provide other materials like clay and paint. 

As children create theories and ask questions, projects begin to emerge. Through projects children develop cognitive skills such as:

  • problem-solving
  • collaboration
  • understanding cause and effect
  • sharing
  • and much more.

Our safe and comfortable environment encourages your child to take risks, develop and be more autonomous.

Educators create a rich environment that allows your child to begin recognizing common symbols, sometimes the first letter of their names (or more) and drawing lines that begin to resemble letters and shapes.

Whilst they also begin asking open-ended questions and plan brainstorming discussions to encourage children to verbalize their ideas.

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