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Trips & Summer Camp

Trips & Summer Camp

At KLA Brickell, we provide every opportunity for our children to become active learners through authentic learning experiences. Field trips are one way we offer the children opportunities to explore their communities.

Field Trips

Field trips are a big part of our curriculum. Through field trips, children create connections between what they learn in class and real-life experiences. Our educators strive to offer the children multi-disciplinary opportunities to explore their world.

a teacher and students holding hands around a tree

Our local communities are an incredible resource to enrich learning and through field trips, the children are able to access tools and environments that otherwise they could not.

Summer Camp

Our Summer Camp provides the children with the opportunities to expand their knowledge of different places or themes inside and outside of school.

Each year our summer programs change to represent the interests of our children. Experiences include:

  • weekly Splash Days
  • cooking classes
  • continued use of the Atelier
  • field trips within our communities

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