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Health, Safety & Security

Health, Safety & Security

At KLA Brickell we work diligently to maintain the safety and cleanliness of our facility as well as the safety of our furnishings and overall health of our children and their environment.

  • Parents log their children in at the reception area, where only parents, legal guardians, faculty members and students have entry access.
  • All doors leading outside of the school grounds are kept locked and can only be opened with sophisticated technology.
  • Our preschool includes an outdoor play area designed with age-appropriate materials, protective fences, and well-maintained grounds to ensure the children are safe.
  • The entire school is continually monitored utilizing closed-circuit cameras in all classrooms as well as hallways and outdoor spaces.
  • Staff members qualified to respond to life-threatening emergencies are always in attendance. Trained in pediatric first aid and CPR.
  • Staff members are always available to respond to a variety of emergency medical situations.
  • Our staff also received a certification from Secure Education Consultants (SEC)

In addition to our regularly instituted health and safety plan, emergency care products are also put in place for both minor and major incidents.

Security guide posing with student

Whatever the situation, our staff is confident and qualified to keep your most prized possession safe at all times.